Here's a poem inspired by a Nordic legend...

Brothers of Moon & Sun

Entities of cosmic greatness lie motionless in the sky
Of great importance were they, and such they knew
Deserts were born, for the sun was too close to the land
A forest in eternal night, where the moon relaxed
None knew when to wake or when to slumber
O were thine gods angry, though nothing they could do

But there be one whom knew a solution
Mischief was his name
Delved into the forest did he, and sought a pair of wolves
Meat roasted with garlic and onions, presented to them
They gobbled it up instantly and asked for more
He of mischief could not help there, but pointed the sky
“There you will find more meat like this” he told them
They complained they could not fly
Mischief sprinkled a powder on them
The wolves leaped into the sky

"Grrr, I want the Sun," growled Sköll.
"Fine, but I get the Moon," said Hati.
The Chariots of Sun and Moon drove their chariots high into the sky
When they saw the wolves take upon the chase
Thus Night and Day were restored to balance.