Hello all.

I'm relatively new to the Forum even though I have made about 20+ posts and about 6 threads.

Never-the-less, I wish to introduce myself anyway:

You may call me Will, short for William. I'm currently 13 years old and come from the land of Wales. I decided to join this Forum because it looks like the best Forum around, and since everyone near me thinks anime = Pants and bouncy boobs, I need people to relate to. I originally got into anime from seeing Naruto on the TV as a kid, and last year thought I would check it out again online. One thing led to another and I'm now watching anime such as Angel Beats, HighSchool DxD, Infinite Stratos and Full Metal Alchemist. I like a variety of genre as long as it keeps me interested. I'v finished a total of 21 anime and am working to finish more. I'm very talkative, so please send me a message and a friend request and we can hit each other up!

Wow, I went all out on this Introduction. I will edit it if there is anything I feel I have missed out!

"Otaku flee!"