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Thread: Challenge 2013: NaAniTraMo Participation Thread

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    Default Challenge 2013: NaAniTraMo Participation Thread

    November 2013 will be the National Anison Translation Month!

    Due to the overwhelming(?????) support of having the 3rd Challenge in a different format, we will take a leaf out of the thick NaNoWriMo book and adapt it as a month-long event of translating Japanese songs!

    If you are a Lv.2 Contributor to AnimeLyrics and wish to officially enter the translation fest, please reply to this thread along with your song list (explained later).

    To recap, here are the AL Challenge guidelines that were in the previous challenges but also applies here:

    - The event starts when the clock strikes 12 midnight (00:00) on November 1 in your timezone. This means that different people will have different start and end times. Hence, your end time is before the strike of midnight on November 30th.
    - Incomplete or double submissions do not count.
    - Please do not simply put up lyrics that you have done beforehand (i.e. not on the day itself), that is against the spirit of this challenge.
    - If the transliteration is still not up then you are allowed to put the translit before the event starts.
    - Translations from the event are immune from Lyrics Correction for a month.

    So, here are the rules for NaAniTraMo:

    - You will have a specific target number of submissions (could be changed anytime before Nov 1) that is based on your translating capabilities. Reaching this target before Dec 1 is the objective.
    - The lowest target number for this challenge is 24. There is no upper limit, but we advise you to not overestimate yourself.
    - In addition, you are to provide a song list which items add up to roughly half your target number that you have set. This is your Compulsory Songs (CS) set and completing this would serve as some sort of mid-term goal.
    - The rest of them is your Freechoice Songs (FS) set. This is a list of songs that you have not declared in your Compulsory list, and provided that the song is not in another person's CS list, it will count into your total when you submit the translation.

    [ Confusing? e.g. for a target number 24, you may declare a CS of 15. Any song not in the 15 that you submit during November is counted as in your FS list, so submitting 9 FS lyrics in addition to completing your CS will complete the challenge, as CS + FS = TN.]

    - The target number and compulsory songs list can be adjusted until November 1.

    - If a song in your CS had been translated by a non-participant during the event, you will be notified through PM to attempt it within 3 days.
    • If your t/l is judged to be superior, it will be put up on the site, which will count in your CS list.
    • If your t/l is inferior, it will not be put up on the site, but will not be struck off your CS list.
    • If you do not respond with a t/l in 3 days, your song will be struck off from the CS list.
    - If you have not completed translating your CS list by the end of the month, a CS penalty will be imposed. A strucked off song (see above) counts as an incomplete attempt.

    - The CS penalty requires TWO songs from your FS as makeweight, increasing your target number.

    e.g. for a target number of 24 with a CS of 15, and you only did 11 out of the 15:
    • You originally have a FS of 9, but covering the 4 unattempted songs will make it 13 and thus 11 + 13 = 24, but the CS penalty forces you to attempt another 4 songs so your target number will now be 11 + 13 + 4 = 28.
    [ Simply put: for each song not done in your CS, you need to t/l two more undeclared songs to pass the challenge. ]

    - This, and the advantage of booking a song for translation, is the reason why there needs to be two lists. And the more songs you book, the more work load you'll need to do, and the greater risk of having to do even more work from the unfinished booking list.

    If you have further questions on the format, please don't hesitate to ask. For now, that's how we'll do the challenge for this year! I can't wait to get started.

    Confirmed Participants (CS/TN):

    #001 AzureDark (20/40)
    #002 Rei (12/24)
    #003 Rizuchan (14/30)
    #004 bluepenguin (22/30)
    #005 bambooxzx (15/28)
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