Well, I thought all of you guys were pretty cool, but no one has posted anything about Breaking Bad or Dexters' season finale? No one wants to discuss, express, digress their feelings/emotions toward the endings of these awesome TV shows? I'm at a lost of words for you people. <3

The last season of Dexter just felt like they were wasting our time for the whole season. Nothing really big happened in between the first and last episode. The stuff with Hannah seemed so forced and rushed. Even the good stuff with Deb hating Dexter at the beginning was tossed aside 1/3 of the way through the season.. I mean for such a big season I thought the stakes would have been a lot higher. They should've ended it with season 7. The ending was waayyyy whack, could've been good but they blew it and gave it to Breaking Bad. The writers of Bioshock could've written a better final season for Dexter.

Breaking Bad ended as a master piece, IMO. The plot and character development set a new standard for television. He died as Walter White, not the monster he created in Heisenberg. He did what he originally had set out to do, get enough money so that his family could live without worry. He did it in a way where Skylar, Walt Jr and Holly would not only get protection from the DEA but they would also not get convicted for having any involvement. He died with a legacy and he was alive for the first time in a long time when he started his empire. Good job Walt, you went out on your own terms! I enjoyed watching Jesse kill Todd, and wish I could've seen Litia die from the poison though. feel Flynn was a trader, He instantly betrayed Walt without even giving the guy the benefit of the doubt, without any explanation he just calls the cops on his dad. I understand why he feels the way he does but it was just too quick of a turn. He probably liked hank more than his own father

Anyone else remember that they forgot Huel? lol..