Chapter 1: Rain
It was raining; a cold, damp rain that made you feel sodden, waterlogged, and generally wet, so all in all not nice weather. Through the downpour walked a man, he walked fast, he obviously hated the rain
“I hate the rain” said the man, his voice showed his displeasure, “It always rains in this bloody city”
The man walked down the street towards what looked like a modest block of apartments, the path was empty, except the occasional child running for cover, their uniforms soaked through, and the man made good time. As he came to a corner in the road he cut across an alley, hoping to use it as a shortcut, but that’s where this story starts, and if he had followed the pavement, although this story would be a lot more boring, he would have got home earlier, but all well, it makes a good reading right.

Chapter 2: Surprises
“Well, I’ll be…” The man said, surprise evident in his voice, staring at something at the floor in front of him; “you okay?” No reply… “Well balls.” He said, as he reached down and felt the object at his feet, searching for something, but as he pulled his hand away it was wet and sticky, and as he raised it to his nose he got a distinctly metallic smell, like iron, and he knew that smell well, a frown crossed his face as he searched more desperately for something and at last he found it; a pulse, still beating, but faint, almost dangerously so he thought. Grabbing her shoulders with one hand and lifting her legs with the others, the man lifted the prone figure up with surprising ease and carried her of to his apartment, not knowing what else to do.

Any thought or comments, this is a work in progress with the third chapter being worked on, also I know I don't describe the main character yet, that happens in the next chapter. Also any spelling errors or grammar issues would be appreciated if you could point them out. thanks.