I looked up these lyrics the other day and noticed that there are a few small errors in the translit as well as some grammatical weirdness in the translation. It's the sort of thing for which I'd contact the original transliterator/translator if not for the fact that the domains that hosted both their e-mail addresses are dead now. They're not big enough that it seems like the song needs a full re-translation or re-transliteration, but I'm too much of a nitpicker to let it go.


> hanarete itemo iki sakare temo
hanarete ite mo hikisakarete mo (this repeats a couple of times in the song)

> watashi no hoho wo sotto murasu kedo
watashi no hoho o sotto nurasu kedo

(Honestly, it looks like the transliterator was romanizing by ear but doing a pretty creditable job at it except for those two words.)


> This painful feeling of love I have,
>Are they for eternity?

Is it for eternity?

>I will continue only believe in your eyes.

I will continue to only believe in your eyes.

>The sorrow that overflows from heart

The sorrow that overflows from my heart