Well, as the titles say, I love me some anime. Although I hate to admit, a lot of my favorite series/manga are ending. I'll summarize a short list of the anime I'm into; Sword Art Online, Hunyer x Hunter(heard it will end after Chimera Arc), Fairy Tale, One Piece, Magi, Naruto, Bleach, Shingeki No Kyojin(Attack On Titan). With the last 3 coming to an end, and Bleach on a 3/4 week hiatus, I'm running outta things to watch/read.

So with the combined help of everyone on AF, I would appreciate if you guys/gals could give me some suggestions. Also before anyone says "Wrong section" "post in anime not here" those threads are all dead. This is the most striving thread on here.

Last thing, no animes with LOLI's please. Not saying I won't read it if it's good, I just prefer no loli's. I find it really awkward and overall wrong. Like Wendy from Fairy Tale.