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    Default Hii

    I'm not really good with intro's so I'll try to keep it short (I ramble on a lot :x).

    My name's Zain and I'm a huge Anime fan. I live in Scotland (in the United Kingdom) so the Anime fanbase is almost non existent so I might seem pretty mad but I'm not that mad (I hope), I just really enjoy talking about Anime and I don't get to talk about it much.

    Apart from the whole Anime craziness thing I'm pretty normal (I hope). I'm not smart nor dumb, I'm well spoken, I enjoy playing multiplayer games, I'm very Computer literate so you'll notice me being a bit dorky at times.., I like being lazy and I like hanging out with friends, I can be a bit of a dick at times but I don't mean it, I'm pretty suborn, I like to understand things even if it makes me look like an idiot (sometimes you need to seem like an idiot to get a desired reaction ;x) and uhm yeah, I think that sums me up.

    So now, enough about me; tell me about yourselves ;D (inb4 no replies ;x).
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