I'm not sure if there's a post for this already since I couldn't find one, so I'm just going to post it here. (^^)

This anime (No Matter How I Look at It, Itís You Guys' Fault Iím Not Popular!) just came out a couple weeks ago on animeseason (www.animeseason.com), and I think it's hilarious. I don't mean hilarious as in haha, oh that was funny. I mean hilarious as in "OMG that was so funny I lost my mind and now I need to take medication and live on the side of the street for the rest of my life because I'm unable to fit in with modern society" funny. (Lewis C.K.)


Ok, it may not be that funny, but I certainly enjoyed it. :P

If anyone is looking for a good comedy/ slapstick from an unpopular girl's perspective then I think you'll definitely enjoy this anime. It is in the shounen genre (geared towards male audiences), but it's from a girl's point of view. If you don't like dark crude and vulgar humor then this probably isn't the anime for you as there are a few ecchi and vulgar scenes in it.

There's only 3 episodes that are English subbed out right now on animeseason, but the next is scheduled to come out sometime tomorrow.

This anime is an adaptation from the manga written by Nico Tanigawa that was released January 21, 2012. I haven't read any of the manga yet, but if they're anything like the anime I'm sure I'll like them.

If anyone has seen this anime, please feel free to share your opinion :3 .

I loved the opening video and the references to Death Note too. (Hilarious XD)