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Thread: RPG Sign-up: Harmonia's Bard Academy

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    Default RPG Sign-up: Harmonia's Bard Academy

    LPS Approved Sunnyside requested me to try and create a more social and lighthearted RPG so here it is! Hope you like it!

    The Story:
    Before Harmonia Sevrian, Bards were only known for playing music for the entertainment of others. Harmonia took it to the next level and developed “Musical Magica”, which is the act of using magic while playing an instrument, including the voice. She used this in her journey across Terra alongside a swordsman, Jędan Hördahl; a mage, Tidus Vuspi; and an archer, Meryla Doviscus. Together, they defeated the Dark Clansmen, an ancient group of dark magic users. After their heroic feat, Harmonia returned home to Erabyss and established a small school to teach her new magic style to those who were interested, simply named “Harmonia's Bard Academy”.

    It has been over two century since the school has been built and the only thing that has changed is that it's ten times that of its original size; now sporting dormitories that can house up to almost a thousand students, two classroom buildings, a library, an instrument store, two green houses, and ten acres of land and forest which belong to the school for class and exercise purposes. Students of all sorts come from all over the world to learn the ways of Musical Magica. The class of the bard has a completely new meaning, but with new power, comes new enemies.

    Musical Magica:
    When performing Musical Magica, everyone has their own style. To determine this style, think of a genre, your instrument of choice, then what kind of magica you would create from the combination. For example, if I want my character to play an electric guitar, I would like for them to play rock music; this combination would create lightening and that would be one of my specials. There are tons of combinations that you could create, but be creative and have fun with it! That was a very general and typical idea. This is a modernized fantasy world so you can play with it a lot!

    Dorms hold up to two people to a room. Dorms all have three stories and a portion of the first story is a common area for students to study, hang out, etc. There is no television except for in the lobby and it is kept on the news.

    Six Years of Classes:
    You may start at the Academy anytime you please but know that it will be six years before you graduate. The reason there are so many classrooms is because every person has the same course, but the courses are taught according to your class of instrument: Brass, strings, voice, percussion, and woodwind.

    Performances (Here's the fun part!):
    Feel free to post links to Youtube videos in your post (or wherever that anyone of any age can access) for when your character is performing a song or even a part of one. Obviously we don't need a link with a few notes, but if your character is playing leisurely or in front of their class, etc. It'd be lovely to actually be able to hear what they play.

    1st Year-
    History of the Bard
    Music History
    Introduction to Musical Magica
    Musical Botony: Beginner's Guide to How Musical Magica Affects Plant-Life
    Reading: Notes and Scales
    Physical Exercise Class

    2nd Year-
    Craft: The Art of Creating the Instrument
    The Science of Sound
    Control: Notes and Scales
    Musical Botony: Intermediate Guide to How Musical Magica Affects Plant-Life
    Field Class: Exemplify Basic, Part I
    Physical Exercise Class

    3rd Year-
    Field Class: Water Works, Part I
    Musical Botony: Advanced Guide to How Musical Magica Affects Plant-Life
    The Dynamics (pitch, scale, notes, etc. all in one)
    Field Class: Exemplify Basics, Part II

    4th Year-
    Musical Botony: Beginner's Guide to Using Musical Magica with Plant-Life
    Manipulating Harmony
    Field Class: Water Works, Part II
    Field Class: Discovering Strengths and Weaknesses
    Physical Exercise Class

    5th Year-
    Field Class: Dueling (Mix of all instrument types)
    Field Class: Water Works, Part III
    Musical Botony: Intermediate Guide to Using Musical Magica with Plant-Life
    Physical Exercise Class

    6th Year-
    Field Class: Advanced Dueling (Mix of all instrument types)
    Musical Botony: Advanced Guide to Using Musical Magica with Plant-Life
    Field Class: Disaster (Mix of all instrument types)
    Physical Exercise Class

    Sample Character Sheet:

    Age: (12+)
    Year: (1-6)
    Appearance: (Picture or Description; either is fine)
    Occupation: (Student, Instructor, Administration)
    Instrument of Choice: (Your instrument of choice and what kind it is)
    Genre(s) of Choice: (You can have more than one genre like rock, classical, etc.; 3 max.)
    Musical Magica: (Describe what you can do with you your magica; ex. Heal using blankity blank, destroy using blankity blank, create fire, etc. Go crazy! Younger students will obviously not have complete control of their technique yet, but that's why you're at this school!)

    Sample Character(s):
    Name: Rania Vuspi
    Age: 34
    Year: none
    Gender: female
    Appearance: [ATTACH=CONFIG]Rania[/ATTACH]
    Personality: Rania is a very loving person. She's kind and smiles at everyone she meets, giving most the benefit of the doubt. She is clumsy and sometimes scatterbrained, but is intelligent underneath it all. She can be pretty goofy sometimes but knows when to be serious. She's very protective of her students especially her son, Denzil. She loves to have fun and is very inspirational without realizing it. She's the type of person that can see the great qualities in everyone else besides herself. Aside from her love of music and dance, she loves to bake and eat. She cooks decently, but her sugary confections are exceptional. She can play the piano very well but chose not to use it as her magical instrument. When she sings though, her personality takes an interesting turn from clumsy and giddy to passionate and somewhat seductive.
    Occupation: Principle
    Instrument of Choice: Voice
    Genre(s) of Choice: Opera, acapella, and jazz
    Musical Magica:
    *Sultry Silence- A slow, alto, jazzy song. This has the power to lull any beast into a hypnotized state, rendering them almost immobile and unaware of anything but her voice. The spell is only broken if she stops singing.
    *Frightening Finale- Using her opera singing style, she can create lightning to disastrous earthquakes depending on the dynamics of her voice.
    *Lovely Lullaby- Whenever she sings a lullaby, instead of the person falling asleep, she can heal injuries such as broken bones, deep cuts, burns, and bruises. Many think that this gives her the ability to bring one back form the dead, but she cannot for necromancy is an illegal form of Musical Magica. The wound does not heal right away unless it is minor. Depending on the severity, it can take about a day or two to heal.
    *Jazz Hands- When singing an upbeat jazz song and using her hands, she can use telekinesis.
    Biography: Rania didn't learn that she was a direct descendent of Harmonia and Tidus until she was twelve. Her mother, just as scatter-brained as her daughter, never mentioned it until the day came for her to go to Harmonia's Bard Academy. It was a fact that changed her life. Rania was not born with natural talent for magic, though her singing voice was. She struggled with it and nearly didn't complete her first semester. But she was driven none-the-less to live up to her family name. Her determination paid off in the end. She graduated with excellent marks and right out of school, applied for the position of a teacher at the academy. She taught Dynamics for only about 5 years before she was offered the position of principle. Of course she accepted.

    Within those five years, she had fallen in love with one of her co-workers, Diezil Charga, one of the Musical Botony teacher at the time. They had a child whom she named Denzil. They were still only engaged when he was born but they would never see their wedding day. Diezil was asked to study a new species of exotic plants in a distant land called Krotz. Unfortunately, these were man-eating plants and he was never heard from again. Rania raised the child by herself and enrolled him at Harmonia's when he came of age.

    Name: Denzil Vuspi
    Age: 12
    Year: 1st
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [ATTACH]Denzil[/ATTACH]
    Personality: Denzil is a very shy boy, complete opposite of his mother. He's very attached to her since she raised him all on her own. He's not very talkative, but he's sweet and highly intelligent due to his photographic memory. He's very curious but most of the time is too nervous to venture out and explore to he keeps to his books and music. He can be seen listening to his MP3 and reading a book with a small smile on his face. Like his mother, he doesn't hesitate to help people, even if it means endangering his own life and going against his better judgment. Also like his mother, he becomes a more confident person when playing the sax.
    Occupation: Student
    Instrument of Choice: Saxophone
    Genre(s) of Choice: Jazz, Blues
    Musical Magica:
    *Rainy Tune- Slow, sad. It creates a sense of sorrow throughout the room. Can be effective when used to deplete moral of the enemy. Once more developed it will create a sense of despair and render enemies immobile and maybe descend their minds into madness if exposed to it for too long.
    *Sassing Sax- A staccato tune that is used to unlock any kind of lock. Not the most inconspicuous way of doing so. At the moment, he can only unlock simple turn-locks, barely.
    *Soul Ride- Passionate, soulful tunes which can literally steal one's soul from his/her body. He hasn't realized he can do this one yet. Don't worry, it's returnable if you counter it quick enough.
    Biography: Denzil was young when his father died, but Rania did as much as she could to play both roles well while still maintaining her career. Most of the time, that meant taking him to work with her. She had turned a room that was right across the hall from her office into a nursery almost. As he grew older, it became his own personal practice room when he came home from basic school.

    It wasn't surprising when Denzil chose to play the sax. Due to his mother's love of jazz, he had listened to it since before he can remember. He especially loved the saxophone players. He began learning to play as early as five.

    Now that he's twelve, he's old enough to attend Harmonia's. Being shy, he's nervous, but the place is practically home to him anyways even if it was mostly only the main building he'd seen.
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