For those of you familiar with League of Legends or those who play it, I would like to inquire: Who are you favorite couples? Doesn't matter if they're Demacian, Noxian, Ionian or Shadow Isles. Top 3 favorite pairings you ship?

My favorite are:

1) Sona Buvelle and Zed- It seems like a very unusual pairing. I considered Kassadin, but it was hard to make up my mind. Sona, being a mute is only known for her music and her beauty. It is believed she can only communicate with her summoners, but I think she remains mute because of how she may be treated. If she had a lover, she'd speak into his mind. Now Zed was ousted because of the forbidden secrets the shadows taught him. All he craved was knowledge.

2) Thresh and Ahri, the Soul Stealers- I find as odd of a pair they are, they both take a person soul/essence despite the opposite methods they take. I find it cute in an oddly disturbing way.

3) Katarina du Couteau and ?: I had a big dilemma here; at one point, I shipped her with Talon, but it sometimes seems that the Noxian assassin's have a sort of sibling type of relationship. I'm not a big fan of Kat and Garen, but I like that they're on opposite sides and a forbidden relationship. Zed the master of Shadows might be a good match for her: assassins gotta stick together in the shadows.

4) Nami the Tide Caller and Nautilus, Titan of the Depths- They're both from the ocean. Nami is determined to find the bearer of the Moonstone and Nautilus wants revenge on the sailors who betrayed him to the abyss. Nautilus is like that serious guardian while Nami is the kind, loving mermaid. It touches my heart.

Now, how about you share your favorite pairings~