All Works herein by and copyrighted ©1999-2013 by M. Benjamin Vaughn I Abernethy, Esq.

“I Am In Love With Crystal Gayle”
-I long to hear her Voice,
And then I will rejoice,
Her Song is a beautiful Noise,
I am in love with Crystal Gayle.

-Just to hear her Name,
Our Love, on her, I blame,
It sparks an eternal Flame,
I am in love with Crystal Gayle.

-To her I hail and bow,
In white she makes a Vow,
Together God does allow,
I am in love with Crystal Gayle.

-Crystal Gayle I hail,
For her, I will not fail,
With her, our Hearts do sail,
I am in love with Crystal Gayle.

-For Crystal Gayle, I will fight,
Against Division’s Blight,
I will never lose her Sight,
I am in love with Crystal Gayle.

“A Song For Crystal Gayle”
-Crystal Gayle, I love you now, more than anything.
Crystal Gayle, I take a Bow, and present you with a Ring.
I love you more than anything and even the more the next Day.
For you I will do anything, just so you will stay.

-I count the Days of us as one, loving you the more.
We bask in Sun’s delightful Rays; our Love is like a Roar.
Crystal Gayle, your Song haunts me, like a Cockatiel.
Together we shall always stay; broken Hearts do heal.

-We will rend Depression into Shreds, and destroy Tension and Stress.
Angels will kiss our sleepy Heads, loving us no less.
Crystal Gayle, our Love shall be, as unto the Sun,
Shining bright for all to see, living not quite done.

-As we play throughout the Years, knowing none of Shame;
She and I will dry the Tears, improving on Love’s Name.
Crystal Gayle, I love you more than Riches or Fame.
Immaculate you are to Love, loving me the same.

-From now until the end of Time, we will remain the same.
Far beyond Reason and Rhyme, in an adorable Game.
Crystal Gayle, she hears me now to Eternity;
As I make a solemn Vow content with God’s Decree.

“The Airplane Song”
-Airplane in the Sky, I exhale a Sigh;
Wondering how long it shall be.
Bonnie Crystal is there, in the Island so fair:
O’āhu in bonnie Hawai’i.
Speed, bonnie Airplane, before I go insane,
Waiting to see my Girl.
Walking Hand in Hand, on gloriously white Sand,
With my dark-skinned Pearl.

-How can I sleep, when I am to leap,
Into a Paradise so fair?
My Mind races insane, stuck in the Airplane,
Of kissing her I dare.
Bonnie Airplane, please speed! Bonnie Crystal I need!
Heading to my Goal:
Of Crystal’s Cockatiels, her Parents’ Home-cooked Meals;
In her Love I roll.

-Bonnie Airplane I ride, my Love I do not hide.
Crystal is my Girl.
The Shops and the Stores, the Attractions galore.
Hawai’i’s Flag to unfurl.
I race to her Side, dropping my Pride,
Her Hair, her Scent I take in.
Skin so soft, Hair thrown aloft.
Loving her is no Sin.

“I Do Hail Crystal Gayle”
1. When graced by her Presence, it moves me very much;
When met with her Being, I do bow.
Ignore what they say; stay out of her Way.
I do hail; I do hail Crystal Gayle!

I do hail, Crystal Gayle.
Crystal Gayle, I do hail.
I do hail; I do hail, Crystal Gayle!

2. In Honour, I view her as she walks my Way.
I am blessed when she says, “Hi.”
No matter the Cost, in her Eyes I am lost.
I do hail; I do hail, Crystal Gayle!


3. Blessed those who know her, and honoured we are too.
I sing her Praises all the Time.
She leaves, and I sigh. I place her Name on high.
I do hail; I do hail, Crystal Gayle!


4. Sing, to her, Praises, and honour her each Day.
And remember why we love her.
Weather is never bleak when she kisses my Cheek.
I do hail; I do hail, Crystal Gayle!


“Crystal Gayle Above All Others”
1. Crystal Gayle, above all others,
Rest in your rightful Domicile.
Crystal Gayle, below none others,
Cupid’s Bow shoots a Missile.
Queen of Cuteness, Goddess of Chocolate;
My adorable dark-skinned Pearl.
Hail to Crystal, my big-haired Island Girl.
Blessed is she for Eternity.

2. To her Name, I hail and adore her,
Basking in her adorable Fame.
To her Back, I would never murmur,
My Hawai’ian Princess is her Name.
3. Crystal Gayle, my dear “Hot Chocolate Bunny,”
Sit by me and rest for a while.
Crystal Gayle, your Essence is so funny.
A Heart so pure, they cannot defile.
4. She is my Choco-Banana Treat for Boys,
Sweeter than Alabama Plum Wine.
Crystal Gayle, she gives me all my Joys;
I long to taste of Crystal’s divine Wine.
5. Crystal Gayle, her Cockatiels sing for me,
A joyous Tune of divine Intent.
I hear and follow, content with God’s Decree.
To our Foes, we have destroyed and rent.

“Crystal’s Hymn”
-Crystal Gayle, the Essence of Perfection,
Hold your Place in Glory’s Grace.
Benji never fears Crystal’s Rejection.
Mind his Chase to Crystal’s Face.
Benji’s Love for her, makes her smile and purr,
Every Day their Love takes place; (he does chase!)
God in Glory loves these two.

-Crystal Gayle is Benji’s sweet Obsession.
He loves her more than Life itself.
He shows her how his gloriously sweet Affection,
Rends apart Darkness itself.
God grant us Peace secure. Grant us Love to insure,
Our Lives to never, ever end; (Your Grace, please send!)
God, grant us together in Your Love divine.

-All the Years pass us by and,
Memories keep us so warm.
Union by Heaven until Life’s end,
Is spent together with no Alarm.
Crystal and Benji, God loves both thee.
Life as one on God’s Dime; (for all Time!)
From Wedding to Death, these two will live.

“Benji, Will I See You Again?”
-Bonnie Benji is now away,
Safely on the Mainland’s Ground.
Not for long, he will not stay,
Longing for Waikiki’s Sounds.

Benji, will I see you again?
Fly to me to ease my Pain.
Crystal Gayle has a fragile Heart.
Without his, hers would fall apart.

-Crystal Gayle, I see you now,
At the Height of Diamondhead.
Acts of Glory, I allow,
My love for Crystal Gayle, I pled.
-I remember “The Galaxy,”
Eating there with Crystal Gayle.
Endless Ocean blue I se,
Mongooses play without fail.
-The Photography Studio,
There with Crystal’s Family,
Off to the Arizona we go,
Some Sites were pricey, but the Kiss was free.
-At the Airport – Haircut and Trim;
Waiting for my Ladyfriend.
Leaving there, I sob and cry.
Entertaining me, she did intend.

“Benji Loves Crystal Gayle”
-Benji towards dear Crystal Gayle,
Sound the Horn, their Love all hail!
Sing to me, her Heart will not fail.
Benji loves Crystal Gayle.

-Hear the Cockatiel’s noble Song,
Join the jovial Wedding Throng,
How for their Hearts go: very long.
Benji loves Crystal Gayle.

-Separation Pain is there,
Each longs for the other’s Hair,
Far apart; this is not fair.
Benji loves Crystal Gayle.

-Rend the Foe into Ribbons and Shreds.
Knock some Sense into their Heads.
Keeps their Noses out of their Beds.
Benji loves Crystal Gayle.

-Here it comes: the Wedding Day.
Jovial, happy, and gay;
Then comes their Vows, they do say.
Benji loves Crystal Gayle.

“Crystal’s Face”
-Crystal’s Face is a Lamp unto my Feet and a Light unto my Path.
Crystal’s Face is a Beacon to my Soul, and it dissipates my Wrath.
There is nothing I cannot see, when she is here with me.
Please be by my Side.
Your Countenance illuminates my Way; with you I want to stay.
Please be with me until the end.

-Crystal’s Face is a Lighthouse for my Heart that illuminates my Way.
Crystal’s Face is a thing of sheer Beauty, and dispels Evil away.
Be right here with me, until Eternity;
Never leave my Side.
I will love you forever; I will stop loving never;
Please be with me until the end.

-Crystal’s Face brightens up every Day, and it shines brighter than the Sun.
Crystal’s Face is a Lantern for my Mind, and leads right into Fun.
Crystal, I love you now, so much I know not how.
Please accept my Heart.
In Life, with me, take a Ride; take my Hand and be my Bride.
Please be with me until the end.
Crystal’s Face is a Lamp unto my Feet and a Light unto my Path.
Crystal’s Face is a Beacon to my Soul, and it dissipates my Wrath.

“She Has My Soul”
-She has my Soul; I love her without end.
She fills that Hole, from the Tears from in my Heart’s Rend.
Crystal Gayle has within her Heart mine too,
We are now one, in the Future we both go through.

She has my Soul; my Love, my Ladyfriend;
Stay close to me, our Love will have no end.

-Stay close my Dear; avoid the Pain and Strife.
With me, do not fear, enjoy our Union and Life.
Stay to the rear, and with me never leave.
She is my Dear, without her, I will grieve.
-To rest we go, enjoying all that we see.
Enjoy the Flow of Goodness and Loyalty.
We are now one, and to fulfil our Destiny,
We are not done; together is God’s Decree.
-My Soul does ache, when we are separated.
My Pain is not fake; and my Feelings are not degraded.
Call out to God! And never will He leave you!
He gives the Nod to us who are not through.
-Be still and know, the Lord is on our Side.
Please do not go; take my Offence in stride.
Take Care and know, and leave me not, and stay close by.
Please do not grieve; we shine as Star’s in Night’s Sky.

“Love’s Lunacy”
-Is there a Cure for Love’s Lunacy,
Caused by Love for Crystal?
In Love we hold our Dignity,
As nice as Scottish Thistle.

Love’s Lunacy, Love’s Lunacy;
It is there for all to see.
Benji’s and Crystal’s Destiny,
Is to love each other for Eternity.

-Throughout the Years and heartfelt Charms,
These two will love forever.
Though through the Dangers and the Harms,
Their Bond, no one can sever.
-All hail the Love between these two,
For they shall never perish.
They will do all they can do,
To only love and flourish.
-They love each other for all Time,
As God does bless their Union.
They bring Truth to all Reason and Rhyme,
While nothing brings Dissension.
-Benji and Crystal now have wed,
And exchanged their Vows so holy.
They retire off to Bed,
As they sing Victory’s Story.

“Ballad For Crystal And Benji”
1. Oh, Love of my Life, when shall I see,
Your Face again?
Which smiles as bright as, the Sun’s Rays against the Sea.
And melted my Heart, and set my Soul free.
Forever as yours, I strive to be.

2. On sandy Beaches, clean and upkept,
With you I walk.
Mountains above us, that touch the Sea and the Sky.
They cannot compare to, your Heart’s and Soul’s Beauty.
Together they shall, forever be.

3. As Life grows older, and so do we,
Our Love will not.
Crystal and Benji, as one, they shall always stay.
And even past Death, into the next World,
Nothing can break them, again in twain.

4. And even past Death, into the next World,
We wander in.
We will be together, forever and all of Time.
Nothing can split us, or tear us apart.
Crystal and Benji, will always be.

“Love So Sublime”
-Hark! Hear the Cockatiels call.
Hark! Hear her beating Heart fall.
When Crystal sees me, I faint away.
Now, when I am around her,
I feel my Heart and Soul stir.
Here in Hawai’i, I do wish to stay.

Towering in elegant Beauty,
Crystal Gayle, my dark-skinned Cutey,
Long may your brown-raven Hair gloriously wave.
Land of black Sand, Mongooses,
From the ‘Tiel’s Beak, Song it looses.
From my Heart, my Love unlooses, Love so sublime.

-From where the Ocean crashes,
To where our Love rehashes,
Silently, I lay beside you, feeling warm Loving.
The Mountains hide the Sunset,
As the white Beaches stay wet,
From salty Waves on Ivory Sand that shine like Crystal’s Face.

“Visions Of Crystal”
-Crystal is a Vision of Love in my Life.
A clear, bright Beacon through all Harms and Strife.
Ever living for the Moment with Cheer in her Heart.
My Goal for my Lifetime, with her to never part.

-Visions of Crystal throughout all the Years,
Faithfully, she is here drying my Tears.
Always loving, always faithful, she clings to my Heart.
From her loving Embrace, I wish to never part.

-Clinging to her Shadow, I follow and pray,
That my Endeavours with her complete without a Delay.
I am nothing without her, and with her I am complete.
Lost in her dark-skinned Beauty feeling her Heartbeat.

-A Vision of the Future with my big-haired Island Girl;
She is my beloved, my cute dark-skinned Pearl.
Her and I together, that is my final Plan.
Seeing her leave me, and to her I ran.