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That's as far as the maturity goes with them though, they may have mature content but the stories and characters definitely aren't mature. If you took out the blood and language then they can easily be seen as kid's shows, even with them in they are shounen and fit the demographic well as they are targeted at teenage boys.

A real mature show is something that makes you think and deals with actual mature themes, Naruto and Bleach do not. They fit the bill for standard things that kid would like to see.

For example, Ghost in the Shell is a mature show. Even if there wasn't much blood or language it still deals with mature themes and can be fairly complicated. People say anime that are for mature audiences are so because of blood, language, nudity and such but those are just superficial elements. They don't add any real depth to something.
I'm not sure about that. Bleach actually goes further than blood and language as the show references boob jokes on a decent occasion. Would you let your kid watch a show with that content without being there to watch it with him? I could see if he/she is maybe 13+, but calling the animes kiddy would mean the content is fine for ages 12-. Depth means little when gore and boob jokes are present.