For those wondering how to do the prefixes for their threads.

If it's a new thread being created:
When you go to create the thread notice that there's a "Prefix" option at the top with a selection box. Choose the prefix that best fits your topic.

If you're trying to add it to one that you already created:
Go to your thread, find the "Edit Thread" option, then at the top there's a "Prefix" option that you can use.

What are the options? Basically it breaks down to the major producers and distributors (or channels) that so the animations on them. Pick the one that best fits what you want to post about. Here's the list and breakdown

[CN/AS] - Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
[CC] - Comedy Central
[Nick] - Nickelodeon
[Fox] - Fox/FoxKids
[Disney/Pixar] - Disney and Pixar movies and shows
[Dreamworks] - Dreamworks movies and shows
[Classics] - Classic Movies and Shows that fall outside the others listed above
[Web] - Internet animations, ie: Red vs. Blue, Happy Tree Friends, etc.
[Other] - Other stuff that doesn’t fit in any of this categories

If you have any issues with the prefixes(Whether not working or something you don't like about them), just let me know here, via PM, or via VM.