Remember that show "Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator"? Something just didn't seem quite right with it.

I know they are trying to take real bad guys off the street, but it seemed to be a real underhanded sneaky way of doing it. So I'm wondering if what the police did was even legal. The law clearly states that it doesn't matter what age you think the girl is, because if she's under age it's illegal. And if you have sex with an underage girl, you are a criminal, even if you thought she was the age of consent (usually 16 or 18).

So the law clearly makes a point of stating it doesn't matter what age you THINK she is, what matter's is how old she ACTUALLY is. On that line of reasoning, it would make sense to also say, that if a person thought the girl was underage it doesn't matter, all that matters is that she actually IS if legal age. And as such, it would seem to me that the POLICE are the ones doing something illegal, by arresting people who didn't actually break the law. It would seem that the people arrested in these cases could counter-claim that the police violated the law by falsely arresting someone who had broken no law.