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Thread: My slit tongue (those darn dentist)

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    Unhappy My slit tongue (those darn dentist)

    ok so I got my wisdom teeth cut out of me, and as soon as i was able to recollect where i was (way to go medically induced amnesia!) there was a huge, straight slit going from the back to the front of my tongue, (perfect straight line) i didnt do that o.o
    why does my dentist hate me?

    *due to me being dumb and not thinking ahead*
    I realized that people might want a picture of my tounge slit, ._. well its scarred over now but here is the pic

    Its obviously scarred and the fold in the middle (looks like a fold or crease) is actually where it was slit but it was much wider and deeper (they had to give me tongue bandaids or something for it??? O.o)
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