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Thread: Good Morning ^-^

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    Default Good Morning ^-^

    Hello! I'm David! I came across this site by pure chance when looking for a specific anime online which i doubt many would know! Kemono no Sōja !~
    But enough about that, i've been an anime fan for what seems like an age. 6 years i believe!
    Some of my favorites include
    As stated Kemono no Sōja
    Clannad Afterstory
    Deadman wonderland
    Elfen lied
    Hayate No Gotoku
    Pandora Hearts
    Asura Cryin 2
    Shakugan No Shana
    and lots lots more!

    Hopefully everyone here will be super friendly and chatty because i love really active forums that i can post lots too ^-^

    Tah for now!

    (PS: the fact that we actually have Gil on this site reassures me. Although he hasnt half gotten taller >.<!)
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