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Tldr fully. From what I did read though, lol. Yer duuuum
Excuse me? You didn't read something fully because it was "too long", and you have the audacity to call the person who wrote something beyond your mental capacity (or at least your ability to focus) dumb? Thanks for the laugh ^__^

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I think this is bad advice. You should always think. Thinking leads to understanding. How could you ever assess yourself or your emotions without a single thought? Or extrapolate what another person may be thinking or feeling? It should go without saying, but people are highly intelligent and complicated beings. You can't always expect to understand people with your gut.
Lol yes I completely disagree with that poster but it's not really worth responding to because those type of people and myself will never see eye to eye.

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I could make so many comments, but I'll say this: you can't reproduce with an aesthetically pleasing animated character.
Who says I want to reproduce? I don't really like kids, anyway. Plus there's always adoption.
I'm not saying I'd rather live my life obsessing over drawings than having real relationships-- If that were the case I wouldn't even be making this thread.

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Random thought: I agree with what lairefaerie said about girls generally being prettier and more attractive because of their softness. But guys need their ruggedness or else they'll come off too boyish and then you can't bring yourself to date them without feeling like a pedophile lol.
i don't like super femmy boys like say.. justin bieber or 1 direction, i don't find them attractive at all.
i'm just not into this whole massive muscles, rippling abs and just generally the whole super-macho look.

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Honestly, the only thing I was trying to do was help you see if there was a possibility of finding happiness in love with a real person. There's nothing wrong with you (as far as I know. Besides, I have many of my own flaws). Just hoping to help another human being strive for happiness.

I'm really not the best at articulating what I'm really trying to get at, even if my hobby is writing.

I do not know much about you. But I find it insulting that you say that I have never spent time searching for someone to love. But I'll divulge a secret to you: I have spent my entire life since the fifth grade actively searching for a partner. I was single until the 9th grade which was a year of an abusive relationship. Onwards after that ended, I did not give up. Why? Because I value love, loyalty and equality above all else. I didn't give up despite my severe depression because I'm not afraid to chase after happiness. You can say I don't know you and what you've gone through because I haven't. But NEVER tell me that I don't know the pain of rejection, loneliness.

I'm not gonna wake up one day, 40 years old and wishing for a better life. I'm gonna work the hardest I can, give my best effort and do everything in my power to enjoy the awesome power of love! Love is so hard to understand and achieve; that is why it is sought after so hard.

You can yell at me all you want. You can turn others against me. You can get me banned from AF. But I believe love is a part of true happiness.
didn't mean to imply that you haven't experienced those things. i was just speaking in general.
and why would i try to get you banned?

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Guys are naturally more immature during their teens. I, for one, think boys should take exams a year later as their late maturity is damaging their education and putting them at an unfair disadvantage... but that's a whole different matter.
Your voice I can't judge until I hear. Your stature is not a problem and it never will be. Guys actually prefer their girlfriends to be shorter, whilst girls prefer their boyfriends to be taller. Not that you should aim directly for taller guys, because it's really just a societal trend at the minute.

A female friend of mine quizzed me on holding back sex in relationships. She seemed to think I would respect a girl who made me too wait for sex. She was surprised when she found I didn't respect girls who did this anymore. I didn't respect them less either. I'm happy to have sex day 1 in a relationship, but if you girls want me to wait so you can make sure I'm not just using you, well that's fine. I can wait awhile. Either way is fine and most mature guys probably be ok with this. At university I was more interested in fun than a relationship though so I would have fallen at your first hurdle.
You don't find boyfriends attractive? Do find non-anime boys in general physically unattractive?

You accuse teenage boys of being immature for purely wanting sex but you yourself want something more fantasy like. That's no more mature at all. That sounds a little rude and I don't mean it to be. There's nothing wrong in just wanting drama. There's nothing wrong with just wanting sex. Both are completely fine as long as you aren't tricking people. But understand that neither of these are likely to lead to good relationships. Your goals and your methods are completely incompatible. Please answer me this, why do most romance shows end with the guy getting the girl? Real life doesn't climax like that so why do they? And why do shows that continue past this point often struggle?

A guy putting you on a pedestal will not enter a good relationship with you. You will see him as inferior, looking down at him as he worships you. There's no balance. What you seek is essentially a broken relationship and it might hurt you if you find it. The chase may seem fine a dandy in a show, but reality is different. It always will be. If you make yourself into a chase challenge then only guys looking for a challenge will chase you. Those looking for love will think you only care about drama and walk the other way.

Good relationships are built on love, understanding, shared goals and communication. If you won't communicate with your significant other, the relationship will crumble.

Oh believe me, they do. Guys crave it. We are just used to locking it away as society dictates.
Mind reading is not a sign of a good relationship. It's a supernatural ability that no real life person has. You can truly love a person and have no idea what they are thinking! Guys, in general are not as well trained in social queues as girls are. They will not pick up on your hints. Be straight forward. You want a deep connection? You tell them what you are thinking. Superpowers do not make it anymore romantic.
Yes, I find non-anime boys in general physically unattractive. I mean, there's a lot of anime boys I also find unattractive hahah, I'm just generally an incredibly picky person and I could scroll through pages of photos of male models or those "super hot gay guys" you see girls reblogging on tumblr, and I just don't see what everyone else is making a fuss over. Like, I can look at someone and objectively think "Yeah you're a nice looking guy. I'm sure girls go crazy for that sparkling smile and your blue eyes. K." but as for my personal attraction to them... ? That's incredibly rare, and I definitely find that if someone's personality is awful, they are immediately crossed off the list no matter how good their looks may be.
I suppose this worries me because, when it comes to merely fantasizing, there's no problem with being attracted to dangerous type guys and having darker desires, but when acting on them irl, I worry that I will end up with someone extremely unhealthy for me-- I stear clear of those with obvious mental issues but since I am so drawn to darkness... I worry it's inevitable that something bad will happen. The prince riding in on his pristine carriage, offering me a future full of sunshine and rainbows? I may say yes out of nothing but logic and the thought of "This is a good opportunity, he's a good guy, has a substantial living, he's nice... I should love him... I'll try to love him." But my heart would always be longing for the mysterious and alluring knight riding a dark horse or something. I don't know, this making sense? It's not like my heart is full of infidelity, it's not just that I grow cold and am on a constant search for excitement (although this is very true, I break up with people when this happens, I don't cheat), it's just that I long for something deeper. Something dramatic, like you said. Something that makes me feel intensely, even if that feeling is pain.
Oh trust me, I don't want a guy who puts me on a pedestal. Rather, the opposite. I was just saying that I quite enjoy the idea of someone genuinely liking me so much that they'll never leave no matter what. I'd rather be slapped in the face than have someone tell me I need to calm down and walk away from me. I'd rather be chastised thoroughly than ignored. And well since we've already gotten pretty deep here I might as well just say that I know exactly why I am this way, it's because as a child I was not physically abused, rather I grew up neglected, completely ignored, just not seen at all, I wasn't worth bothering with. I was simply not loved enough by my mother to be disciplined, to be yelled at, to even be acknowledged at all. So now the one thing anyone can do that will drive me crazy is ignore me, I had a boyfriend who would always just do the "right thing" and walk away whenever I tried to pick a fight or was really torn up about something. I'm sure lots of girls would find that a virtue. I absolutely hated it.
Anyway that probably got off topic, whatever.

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Well, as long as it isn't to the point where you're super obsessed with them and are in love with them, then it's totally normal. I feel that way about tons of anime girls. I haven't personally been attracted to a girl in a long time (no, I'm not gay) and honestly it's nothing to stress about. In girls' cases, a good percentage of real life boys are immature and act like little boys until they realize how dumb they are and decided to mature up.

Also, maybe you just haven't found your 'Prince Charming' yet