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My Start screen is filled with all kinds of apps with tiles in various sizes – Windows 8.1 adds two new tile sizes: large (really big) and small (really small). For example – I have the Weather app as a big tile and it now shows me today’s and tomorrow’s forecasts. Big tiles can have much more information on them, which is great. On my devices with smaller screens – like my tablet – I feel I can pack in more apps into a single view on my Start screen with the new small tile sizes. The best part is my Start screen customizations, apps, and files get synced across all my Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets, which is awesome.
Full article here. Enjoy the reading. ^_^

Anyways, Microsoft just released Windows 8.1 at //BUILD. They are excited to bring this "Service Pack" to the people and they are even more excited about the new features ... and old features that have found their way back into the operating system.

Before I start with the new stuff, I'm just going to say that the old "Start" button / Windows orb / however you used to call it is back and not only this, but Microsoft made it so, that you can make your PC boot straight to desktop.

So what's new:
  • The Windows button is back
  • Windows can boot to 3 different screens; to desktop, to start and to apps
  • Internet Explorer has been updated to version 11
  • the tile icons got 2 new sizes, the extra large and the extra small
  • the whole Control Panel (or most of it) has been moved to Modern UI
  • Modern UI can now take your desktop background and become even more customizable than it used to be
  • ...
These are only a few of the many changes, so try it out to find more. I know, I will. You can download the update from here or follow the links provided in the original article.

BTW: If you are not interested at installing and trying Windows 8.1 Preview just yet, you can still have a quick glance at it, by checking the "First look at Windows 8.1" video below.