It has been six years.... or maybe five years scince my last visit here. What good times I had, so who was I? I once went by the users, Chatbot, Chatbot1.2, and Chatbot2.0 if I remember correctly. I would use those accounts if I knew what my passwords were haha. In anycase.... I got banned a lot, was a troublemaker back then.

So, where to start.... six years ago, animeforum was my very first forum. I came here solely to chat on the chat as a guest, until a friend suggested I make an account. After a couple of days I gt my friend to join the site. I believe you may know him as the great Srk. Has it been so long then? The things we went through... the bans... the back and forths.... screwing around with the Shikamaru bot great memories those. And lets not forget Mr.Random

SO, what brought me back? I ran into Ark earlier and another AF member and figured, hey, why not come back for a bit just for old times sake. So, here I am, a Ghost of my former self.

So... about me.. about me... well... to start, I'm not new to forums, I've been on quite a few now, even mod and admin a few Personally, I like chatting with people, I find it a lot of fun, more fun I'd say than hanging out and playing videogames.

I live by the sea and have always been fond of it, I love to sail, a blast it is, but I also like the woods and mountains. I snowboard at a competitors level and am a man of many trades. I divide my time between projects and getting to point A to point B the best way I can.

As far as forums go, I've matured quite a bit science the Chatbot accounts. Normally, I use it as my primary username as a testament to where I started online haha, but not this time. I usually run events in the background and post some of my art every now and again. Yaddayaddayadda.... haha

If you want to know more or something specific, just ask