I actually got the idea from TWGOK and Oreimo. Which, both main characters, are otakus. When I mean "us" above, I mean anime fans and otakus. I live in Malaysia and otakus are pretty open about their hobbies, boys or girls. So I never had problem adapting in the environment even if everyone around me hates anime. When I saw Oreimo, even Kirino's best friend couldn't accept that she was an otaku and she was afraid to let anyone know about it. I'm curious, did any of this happen on any of you?

Another is Keima Katsuragi from TWGOK. Does reality have to do with anime? No, it doesn't. I hate people saying "Anime and manga is fake." No, it's not fake. It exists in our hearts. I just want to hear everyone's thoughts about this.