Alright, so I have a pet corn snake, and I went to the pet store the other day to buy her a live mouse to eat. (Keep in mind I just recently moved to Arizona and not under the same laws as I was in Colorado.) So I walk in and ask a clerk if I could get one, and they tell me that they don't sell mice because Arizona passed a law that it was "inhumane" to sell live mice to feed reptiles and other animals. At the same time, however, they sell frozen mice for you to unthaw and feed your snake.

To me, that's ridiculous. That's how a lot of snakes and other animals eat mice in the wild. Live. What, do they go out into the desert and give each snake unthawed mice? What's the difference? Do frozen mice not count even though they were raised and then killed to be later eaten?

This is somewhat of a rant, but I really think some environmentalists are just insane, and really go too far in pushing their agendas. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for recycling, keeping environments clean, and protecting animals and whatnot, but to write off feeding live mice to carnivores as inhumane even though that's nature, is too much.

Thoughts? Arguments?