Please do not read it if you under 15.
I can't really stop you, but this is not for the light-hearted. You have been warned.


He spat the blood from his mouth, a tooth as well. His left eye was swollen and he scarcely see the right for all of the blood. The room was dark aside from the lamp directed at his face. He could hear his tormentor going through a pile of tools on a table to his right. Suddenly, he felt his jaw shatter as something large and metal crashed against his face. He howled in pain and tears escaped his eyes.

Laughter greeted the broken man as his attacker brought the wrench down on his shins. It was high and almost sweet, a woman's laughter. She went back to her table and picked up a dull blade and set to work on his fingers. Each time she took of his fingers she made sure he was awake and spoke the name of one of his victims to him. His blood pooled beneath her feet, but she had him hooked to an IV to help keep fluids in his body. She also cauterized his wounds so he wouldn't bleed out too badly. Her torture had been going on for three days now. He knew he was going to die.

He coughed out some words and she stopped. She leaned in close to hear him.

"V-venus.." he managed to say.

"Yes!" she said with a laugh "Go on?"

He struggled with a breath "F-f-fly tr-tr-trap." he finished.

"Good, you know who I am. And I know who you are." She went back to table and sought out a thin sharp blade. Venus went back to the man and grabbed him roughly by his hair. She placed the blade against his forehead and he began to cry. "I am the Venus Fly Trap." She started edging the blade under his skin, making a long, thin red line across his forehead. "And you're Red Head."

He begged as best he could with his broken jaw as the woman slowly scalped him. Each time he passed out she woke him and worked slowly, making sure he felt it.

Two weeks later the police found the shack and the words "I BELIEVE IN JUSTICE" painted on the wall in the mans blood. They hardly felt bad for the man, he was a serial rapist who scalped his victims, but vigilante psychopaths weren't too much better.