Shin Megami Tensei: Demon's Wake

Those who died woke up in their homes, they woke from an impossible dream that they couldn't remember. When they stood up and looked out to the world, thinking tis but a dream. They were surprised to see the world before them a ghost town.

The concreted of the roads were cracked, cars rid the streets of their presence their owners simply vanished from this world. Looking up towards the sky was a sun that was both pitch black and yet greatly lit and bright. The sky was still so blue and the sun itself was still yellow and white, but black all at the same time.

The very thought of those that had awoken from that impossible dream was the simple thought that they were still dreaming. And yet the impossible dream seemed so real and something inside of them murmured of a different aura completely.

Something inside of those that died and were chosen to wake from an impossible sleep. Something inside of them was changing them though they were unsure of this. And then there was something in their head like a mere subconscious suggestion to head to Shibuya for no other reason, except because it was the mere thought fragmented several times in their mind.

Unsure of what to do those who died would start the journey out alone before they even met up with anyone.

Digital File 1

You have woken up in your home, in the way you had fallen asleep. Though surely your slumber was more than any slumber. There was a man slowly fading from your memories, and yet his ethereal after image remained miraged into your mind.

Something inside of you says to start off and head to the Shibuya hospital. Why you're unsure, but something is guiding you there. And it feels as if that mirage of a man is waiting for you.


-Character introduction by making way to hospital

-Gathering everyone at the hospital

-Meet with Kokujin

-Gain your demon partners

So let's begin and load this Digital File of this Devil Digital Saga.