The' Holy Grail' is an artifact famous throughout history as an object of immeasurable power, said to have the power to grant any wish. Mages, Sorcerers, Witches, Mystics, and Humans alike have sought out this object in hopes of claiming its power. Though some were driven by moral obligations and family honor, others seeking it for more treacherous plots. Thus the War of the Holy Grail began, a contest in which seven mages summon Heroic Spirits to compete to obtain the power of the "Holy Grail," which grants a miracle. After two unfinished Wars a sudden change began. What was originally a contest between seven Masters and Servants suddenly turned in more then 15 pairs battling in this winner takes all deathmatch.

Fuyuki City, my wondrous city, was suddenly overrun by God like deities and past warlords from all across history and legends. Unexpectedly the War consumed the City in only its first night, the Third Holy Grail War spilling out throughout Japan, and by it's conclusion the World. A winner was declared. Suzaku Moshitake, a military weapons specialist and his Servant Muramasa. With their wish they craved their names into history. A new empire rose from the East. Under their rule the world was cast into depression, chaos, starvation, murder, and power became your only chance of survival. With the next Grail War on the horizon the Moshitake Empire has began eliminating potential contestants hoping to secure their victory for the Emperor. Japan will once again become a battlefield with Fuyuki City as its start. As the Masters and Servants begin to rise one can only hope....for hope itself.

"My city hasn't changed much sense Suzaku's rise. Fuyuki City is still separated into two sections - Shinto and Miyama, which are the new and old sections respectively. Miyama is further split into two parts - the traditional Japanese houses district and the foreigners' houses district. Miongawa is the massive river that divides Fuyuki in half. Deep enough to swallow each and every person that resides within. Located next to the River lays Miyamachou a suburban area of Fuyuki. A little further and you reach 'Intersection', which connects to the shopping street, the school, the northern and southern parts of town, and to the bridge."

"It's boring. But the women are nicely...nice I suppose."

"Fuyuki is still as lively as ever, Koushuuensaikan Taizen for instance is the only Chinese restaurant in Miyamachou. Run by the mysterious, Arashi. Renowned for its spicy food. Really, really, spicy food. Enough to melt somebody's tongue sort of spiciness. Stay away from it if you can. I've warned you."

Masaki Shiba stood atop the Fuyuki Bridge. Her normal spot on 'peaceful' night. Some restless spirits, a few small demons. Yet, nothing like what was happening tonight. Her command spells had appeared three night ago tonight. The signal that the War was to begin. She was successful in her mission to summon a Servant, though she had failed in the end and used the wrong catalyst.

Lancer, the one Curse to both be loved and betrayed. though she intended to summon the strongest of the class in the form of Saber her misfortune gave her the saddest, and yet most inspiration of them all. A true gentleman when he was willing to push aside his insecurities, some rare in a day where death was as common as the passing of a gust of wind.

Her dress settled down from the rush of wind swiping across the river. It was always so peaceful. For now she supposed.


"Well now I can see him too. Such skill young girl."

Before them stood a man in a black suit. He wore the garments of the Magus Association. Beside him was a 12 foot tall monster of a Servant. Masaki lifted her hand into the air as Lancer came into reality. "Kill them. BERSERKER!!!" Releasing a massive cry of rage the werewolf suddenly grew larger, now towering 26ft. "Behold, his single Noble Phantasm-Moonlight Demon.".

How had she not noticed the full moon shining brightly behind her, at this moment she felt it's light and even the heat from that light. Almost light it had hidden itself this whole time.

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Side Note:
Mount Enzou
Ryuudouji - 40 minute dash from the border of south Fuyuki City. Acts as the keystone of the Fuyuki leylines. Can be said to be the heart of the Fuyuki spiritual grounds. Built on top of a fallen leyline.
Ten no Sakazuki - The massive cavern where the Greater Holy Grail was created. Three kilometers in diameter. The location of the Black Holy Grail. Has properties similar to a bounded barrier.
Outer forest - One hour drive by taxi from Shinto.

Kishimoto Castle - Four hours from the entrance of the forest by foot.
Kishimoto Castle:
The castle-villa found at the forest in the outskirts of Fuyuki City, it was brought from the Kishimoto homeland to serve as a base for the Masters of the family during the Holy Grail rituals. It was given to Masaki by a supportor of the cause. At the same time. It was build to look like a “コ” when viewed from above.
The castle’s defenses are perfect: a spiritual defensive wall activates itself by Masaki's order whenever intruders approach. Perfect anti-spiritual processes are also performed so that the spirits inside the Kishimoto forest do not enter.

The existence of the castle is not publicly known, but it seems that people who get lost at the forest have found their way into it by chance in the past.

The interior decoration is outrageously luxurious. Although it hasn’t been used for over 10 years, there is wine cellar that can be accessed from a passage at left area from the lobby. The courtyard, which is managed by Sella, a fairy familiar, and the coldest area inside the castle and, as per Masaki’s desires, it has a flowerbed installed. As this is just a stronghold for the Holy Grail War, it is quite frugal for the Shiba’s standards.

Kishimoto Forest
The virgin forest, or rather mountain range, found at the outskirts of Fuyuki city. About 30 kilometers to the west of Fuyuki’s urban area. It is possible to reach the entrance of the forest after a one hour run of car in the highway that comes out from Miyamacho and then a one kilometer walk through the grove.
Not only the name in the registration is of unknown substance, but it also became a privately-owned land of an uncertain foreign enterprise. Because the landowners (the Kishimoto) refuse to develop the area, it turned into a literal sea of trees. Since the trees extend themselves to cover the sunlight coming from above, it is impossible to see more than 10 meters ahead inside the forest. Amidst all of it, there is a clearing of about 40 meters diameter with a square and some ruins.

The large bounded field stretched throughout the area is to detect intruders and so long their presence and magical energy are not suppressed they can be easily discovered. The level reaction that the bounded field gives to the intruder can be adjusted accordingly with the thoughts of Masaki. Furthermore, once in the inner sections it is possible to adjust the area-of-effect in order to support allied parties in combat.

The subject of many ghost stories, like those about the illusionary castle attended by maid sisters that only a brave man who had overcame countless ordeals can spend the night at, or that when entering the forest while aiming to the castle, the wraiths of soldiers of the old imperial army appear to send off the intruders to the battlefield. Ghost stories to keep the kiddies away.