Here's a thing you can do if you have leftovers and have nothing to do with them, or not enough to make a meal out of. I do this a lot, and am probably not the first person to figure this out, but I like to think I got it down.

First off, take whatever leftovers you have and chop it all up nice and finely into tiny little cubes. Then take some eggs... just as many as you think you're gonna eat... whip them up real nice, remove the yolks if you're that kind of a person, and stir in salt and pepper, and your chopped up leftovers.

Heat up and grease/butter/spray up a pan nice and hot, then throw the eggs/leftovers mixture on there. Make sure you use the spatula to keep moving it around so you get a nice clump of stuff, not just one flat line that the leftovers can't settle in.

Once the eggs are thoroughly cooked, or maybe a little runny if you like them like that, I'm not here to judge, then pour it on your plate. The eggs have congealed your leftovers into one big delicious egg mass. It's like an omlette, only easier, and now your leftovers are something special.

Try it. Tell me how it comes out. Then get back to me.

Here's what I've done so far.

Seasoned french fries: great success!
Meatloaf: great success!
Hamburger: success!
Chicken strips: non-breaded is great success! Breaded, not so much.
Red velvet cake: no.