hai, i was hoping some of you lovlies with some animation experience might be able to help me by answering this problem of mine.

Im creating a system for a game im writing to give the illusion of deeper than and higher than groundlevel perspective based movement. I have a couple of questions regarding movement speed. With the idea that the "camera" is focused on the player character centre screen constantly, i need to work out algorithims to display clouds above moving or glas domes over land, and maybe pits below and such. Now at first i guessed that the deeper graphics would move at a slower rate than the ground level. for example, if the player walks ove a ground level bridge a total of 10 pixels space, the floor beneath might move 5 pixels due to the distance. Now immediately i assumed from this (yes i know about assumptions lol, bad habit) that if ground level has a 1x modifier for movement then below ground would have modifiers less than 1x and therefore (i know logical fallacy i know) above ground levels would have more than 1x modifiers.
but after some deeper thinking on the matter i have thoroughly confused myself and broken my tiny ape brain.

So, with this in mind;
1) am i right in moving the deeper levels slower?
2) do the higher than ground levels animate slower or faster than 1x?