Here are the rules

1. You pick 10 things from ten different anime. No grabbing two things from the same anime like "A girl names Moon Rabbit" and " cat with a forhead symbol" unless they are from two different series. However you can ask for several versions of the same thing. If you ask them for 3 characters named Ryoko for example, all 3 count towards your ten and each one must be from a different series.

2. If you put something on your list you must be able to find it immediately if someone challenges you on whether it exists or not.

3. A person is allowed to challenge up to 3 things on the list or supposedly found examples. Like is someone says they found three Ryokos, but can't say which series they are from they are disqualified. If any of them are unfindable online then the challenger gets to make the next list. if however each time they manage to find it then after 3 challenges noone else may challenge the list.

4. You normally get to make your own list when you find all the things on the previous list and name the anime you found them in. You have to have both the example and the anime it's in and preferably a picture if you can find one. So no making something up that isn't in an anime just so nobody ever finds it or saying you found it without having verifiable proof.

5. You have one week in which to find all ten items/characters/whatevers ont he list. If you do not then on the eighth day after the last list was posted someone else can post a new list. First to do it is the one we go for.

The First List

1. A cabbit other than from a Tenchi series

2. A flat chested 21 year old or older girl

3. anything with tentacles that's a good guy

4. A redhaired girl who gets the main love interest at the end of the show

5. A haunted bath house

6. A smiley face

7. Short brown hair on a girl

8. Someone reading a book

9. falling white flower blossoms

10. A cuckoo clock