One of my favorite games ever, 1000 Blank White Cards.

There arent really rules as such as its not that kind of game, but i'll give you the basic idea. When played in meatspace you'll need 3+ players for a good game, and a whole bunch of blank white cards, but you'll also use cards from previous games too (unless its your first game obviously). But i digress.

nb, none of these cards are mine that im using as examples
Cards are usually structured with 3 main elements :

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Title: Can say anything or nothing really, usually some descriptive of the card
Picture: usually an illustration (mostly scribbles and stickment in biro in practice) depicting the action or titile of the card
Action: what the card does. usually + or - points butcan be "draw card" "draw 2 cards" "shout 'TOILET!'" pretty much anything either related to gameplay or not.

here are some more examples of cards that fit the usual profile

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the idea is you draw on the blank cards during play and then play them at yourself, or at another player or in the center of play where it effects all players. youll start with a hand from the deck, and draw a card at the beginning of each turn until the deck is dry.
Even though there are points and such this is not a game about winning or losing, its a game about having a laugh with your mates.

How to play on this thread: play works like this, simply post up a card youve made and decalre a target for the card. targets can either be you, everyone or a player you name (that player has to have posted on this thread). if you do target a player, remember to type "@" before their name so they get alerted you made a play on them ;P
Remember be as creative as you like, although more is better, and above all have fun and be respectful
At some point i may declare the game over and tally up points. Or maybe I won't

I'll start:

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Target: everyone