Summary of the ideas I have for several novels.

Common themes: Mental illness, suicide, disfunctional families, social acceptance, violence.

Novel 1: Mr Nobody

A first person point-of-view from socially awkward Junior, Thorton. Follows him through his final highschool years as the leader of the "Nobodies" - a small group of outcasted youth. Thorton is an avid researcher, and he documents the lives and function of the social cliques he observes within his highschool.

Novel 2: Pending

Another first person point-of-view through the eyes of a young African American male willing to find acceptance in one of the dangerous ghetto's of American cities. The horrific acts of violence he is forced to inflict on rival gang members in order to join in a gang known as the "Maskerade Eight," haunts the young man as he is sentenced into Juvenile Hall, testing his loyalty and his morality once he comes face to face with a victim of his violence.

Novel 3: Pending

A beautiful love story that has a tragic ending as misunderstood youth Annaly and Paul find solace in their lives within each other. The complex relationships in each teenager's home, school, and friendships are explored as they hatch a sinister suicidal plot to take revenge on the horrors they endured.

Novel 4: Pending

First person point-of-view of a young boy named Jeremy who suffers with the mental illness known as Schizophrenia. Follows him through his school years as his disease plagues his life and those closest to him. This novel has a sad but moving ending that will be sure to jerk tears.

Novel 5: The Journals of Madison Betts

A collection of the journals I have written throughout my highschool years.

Novel 6: Pending

This novel reveals the betrayal of two best friend's who will go to any lengths for the love of a girl.

If you find these ideas worth while, please leave your opinion. Any questions will be answered as well. : )