I was wondering if anyone else had ever had one of these and if so how did you deal with it or are you still dealing with it?

My experience: (skip this bit if you don't care haha XD)
A few years ago I had what I would call an art breakdown. After a series of negetive events in my life, the classic 'omgawd you suck' comments and the failure of my A levels I completely shut down and didn't want to draw again. (I drew every day so that was a big deal haha.)
I finally got out of that rut, but then ended up only drawing safe images, keeping in my own comfort zone and only showing the odd piece, almost always thinking my work wasn't good enough.
And then I had my first art block. Physically unable to draw. I'd look at a page, draw one line and think 'nope that's wrong' and restart. All of my work was terrible, others would say it was fine but I knew I was getting so many things wrong that I should be getting right.
So I stopped. For one day I stopped trying to draw, I stopped thinking about it completely and played Final Fantasy X with all of my friends. (We are doing a race/speed run together).
The next day I fixed the drivers on my tablet and decided I would take a break from everything and work on studying and practicing. I started by designing some Final Fantasy artwork and then Minecraft stuff. I took it to Gemucon (April 2013) and sold tons of the new ones. I finally had the confidence boost that I needed. Since then i have been carefully studying from as many books as I can, rather than hiding away from creating new artwork. This is also the reason why I haven't been online (sorry =[) I just needed to take the time out to study.

I'd love to hear your experiences with art block. =]