I stared at the sunset from the window. I was forgotten. The person everyone used for their own ends, that's what I am. Even my own father used me.

Our enemies were supposed to be underlings of God. But does the God even exist? Surely if he existed, he would end mine and everybody else's suffering. Therefore, there must be no god at all.

What kind of God will allow so much suffering? That's a question I asked myself. Turning around, I looked at the setting sun.

There, somewhere amidst nature, lay the grave of only true friend I had. It was an empty grave, since there was no body. He was destroyed together with one of our enemies. And I was the one who ultimately destroyed him.

I walked up to bed and took a knife I hid under the mattress. I drove it across my wrist slowly, creating a thin red line. I created two more before setting it back to its hiding place.

I looked out of window again to see a familiar blue-haired girl walking towards the shore. She was the only one who understood me, because she went through the same pain. My friend that died was her friend also.

Our eyes met.

Next day in class, we met again. The teacher wanted us to write the name of the person we lost during the hell that happened.

When the girl stepped up to the blackboard, she wrote only two words on it.

'Suzuhara-kun' was what was written

Then she ran out, crying. I followed and the door shut.

When I reached her, she turned and saw me. Then she punched me.

Her punch was the same as his.

"How.....?" I asked

"He taught me." she explained "And then he died because of you and your father. I will forever hate both of you for that." she added


Yeah, I ship Rei x Toji.