Hello to everyone that's reading this, I'm obviously as you can tell.. New to the forums! I'll be quite honest, I get really hesitant about coming to these websites and joining the talks. But I decided now why not.

I guess a few hobbies to start off wouldn't be bad. I spend most of my time on the laptop in my room watching anime, playing games, browsing videos! I think nothing beats a good conversation about animes or games.

I don't get out of the house as much as I use to due to difficulty breathing.. I'm unable to play tennis as a serious sport so I play on my free time now hitting against walls and such.

One of my favorite anime series of all time would be.. Sword Art Online! I found out about the book through sheer chance online and it interested me so much I couldn't stop reading. And when I heard they were making a anime I felt like a child becoming so happy that moment.

I am in your care now. *Bows*