On December the 21st, 2012, a strange fog enveloped the World. White, Odourless, Cold and Obscuring all sight, the citizens of the world hid in their homes, unsure of courses to take. The fog Crept under doors, leaving homes ankle deep in the cold Fog. Then, The morning after, It was gone.

Grey Clouds filled the sky, and those who ventured outside found new life amongst them. Strange, Masked beings, 8 feet tall and with grey skin, walked the earth, seemingly unbothered by the Humans that stared at them. These beings seemed harmless enough, and Life continued as normal.

Then, that evening, a Man rushed into hospital, claiming to have been attacked by the grey-skins, brandishing his hand- which had a horrible black scab down the length of his Hand. He was taken into care, with his hand being examined, but the scab showed no signs of infection, no problems. It was just a scab. According to the mans report, the Grey-Skin that attacked him had used a long, curved blade, the colour of bone, which it had pulled from the folds of the ragged robes it wore.

About an Hour later, the man turned Feral. His fingers became dagger-like blades of bone, and his skin began to flay and bloody. He Attacked the nurse caring for him, who turned as well, and slowly, from the hospital outwards, the Blade-fingered creatures began to spread.

It is now 18 days into the 'Infection'. The Grey-Skins- Now dubbed 'Gravekeepers', and the infected creatures- Dubbed 'Servants'- rule the world, the last of humanity clumping together in Small groups.

You are one of the survivors. A student from a School in a little town, who has been forced into hiding in the basement of your old school. There, an Injured Soldier has stumbled into your hiding spot, and with his dying breath, revealed to you the location of a Safe house, containing the most precious person in the world right now- Dr. Lucius Nye, who has been working on a method of restoring the human self. As the Marine's last breath rattles out, you must make your choice- will you attempt to reach the good Doctor, or at least try and find someone who can?


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