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Thread: RPG: Tale Of Eleven Suns

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    Default Re: RPG: Tale Of Eleven Suns

    LVL: 2
    HP: 110 - 10
    XP: 0

    Jason watched as everyone was attacked from all sorts of different directions. He lowered the shield unwillingly and prepared for his battle that he faced.
    "I am a master mage, come at me from any direction and I will destroy you where you stand." He saw three of the orbs fly right at him, he hit the earth with his staff and sunk into the ground quickly, thus causing them to hit the ground. Once he felt the vibrations in the floor he sent two earth spikes into their bodies destroying them on contact.
    He watched as one of the sludge like monsters almost hit him from behind, he flipped over it, as it turned around he tried to hit it in the back with his staff, but instead the sludge had stopped it and it was now stuck.
    "Mother of ---" He cut short as the beast turned around quickly, slamming it's hand in Jasons face. (-10 hp) Jason got back up and wiped his eyes. He lifted his hands and red orbs surrounded them, he hit the air with fists and fire balls came out of his fists, hitting the sludge in the face several times. Once the masks broke off he put both hands together and fired on larger fire ball at it, destroying it's core. As it combusted, he went over and grabbed his staff, looking at the enemies now coming towards him, and observing the others fight for their life as well.
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