Zel decided to remain seated on top of the table near her chair that she was supposed to be sitting in like all the others were since the chair was obviously not high enough for her.
Resting her staff beside her, she grabbed a muffin and started eating. The original length of the staff was about 140cm, which conicidentally makes the staff as tall as her. But anything can be solved with magic, so she adjusted the height of her candy stick staff to be about 20cm. Looking at how the atmosphere had become gloomy as the monsters Roy shown, she felt a little depressed also.

Converting countries into sweet haters... that's unforgivable! Yet, she would not show her displeasure over this. No point making the atmosphere even more gloomier.
Fortunately, Tain was protected by the great ocean, thus the Order had not chosen to invade the area yet. That, is the blessings of the gods and something to be happy for.

"Hey, uhh, my name's Zel," she said while munching a muffin in between, "Maybe some of you don't know who I am since I'm from Tain."

Finishing the last bit of her muffin, she continued, " So anyway, I'm actually a Tactician but I dabble into magic too, for self defense purposes really, so you can consider me as a... mage too."

Noticing how Ash and Ulysess seem to be exchanging whispers, she decided to cut in.

Magic, you see, is a wonderful tool in eavesdropping. Zel thought while she clearly heard the exchange between them.

"And I would like to hear how youmake of the situation the commander had said," she said as she stood up to point her staff at Ulysess. There was no malice nor scarasm in her tone, just merely the curiousity of an innocent child.