Hello again everyone. Many of you know me while some of you may be wondering whom I am. I am WorldDestroyers friend, and have had him constantly monitor the forum to see where everything was while we together worked on this RPG that you are about to read. I know my last one flopped hard, but now I can definitely keep up on it because of my new iPhone. For those who know me you know how I try my best to make the RPGs fun.
Actually I also noticed Esiphas started his own, so sign up for that also.
Have fun reading, if there is any questions please on me an I would be happy to answer.
HateSpawns back, and his co-gm is WorldDestroyer.
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The Tale of Eleven Suns

The current year is 3041, after a great many wars and death the world has finally been able to become one and unite as a people. Though the world is still split into different subdivisions, each one holding their own exalt or ruler. Each area has a symbol of peace, the piece of the legendary amulet, said to grant someone unimaginable power and strength to seal away a terrible evil, but at the cost of their own life. Through the ages the pieces of the amulet have been renewed and passed down from Exalt to Exalt. However, several problems have risen in less than a few weeks time, one of the Exalts (out of the eleven) was assassinated by an organization rising to power called The Order.
The world seeís them as terrorists, and they are trying to take new world power. Now one of the eleven pieces of the amulet are unreachable by anyone, and peace is slowly beginning to be broken and their army of unknown are slowly marching to take over.. Many people have questioned the trust of their neighboring Exalts, thus many have closed off borders and under high security. The Order, has already told the world their motive, to unleash the demon spawn known as Mire.
You will start in the city of Ouya, and will be apart of the Exalts higher up military people known in a small elite group known as Marshal. Your captain is Roy, prince of the current Exalt, and the brother of the prince who is known as Eli, both fair and kind in their responses, and would help anyone they needed to at the cost of their own life.
The Order is rising, Mire is said to be released, and the only people who could possibly stop this would be the Marshal and anyone else who might be able to help them along the way.
Your Exalt is King Deckard, and Queen Sully. Sully is the beacon of kindness, and hope. People look at her and hope is the only thing that fills everyone's heart. She wears her part of the amulet around her neck, to show the people their is still peace and she shows it. The king rules with a just hand, dealing fairness out along side with his queen.

The Eleven Countries are:
1) Ouya 2) Ven 3) Tilm 4) Secor 5) Tain 6) Meri 7) Pace 8) Zal (Currently ran by The Order) 9) Onge 10) Oni 11) Unled
Sorry if the image is a little large.

Character Sheet (Blank):
Name -
Age -
Class (Cleric, Warrior, Mage, Archer, longer list posted at bottom of RP) -
Appearance (Image or Description) -
Character Background -
Sword (Everyone must have one sword that they wield, this is how you will be identified can be a staff or other item as well but this will also be a primary weapon in battle. Image or description is fine. ) -
Awakening (A move that will take you down to 1 HP, but take out a large number of enemies should the need arise. This can be magic or with a normal attack. But think of this as an overpowered thing that can only be used every once in awhile.) -
Origin (If you want to be from somewhere else you can be, but you will all be in Ouya and part of the Marshall.) -

The game will run by EXP (given by me and my CO-GM) and health points, so if you try to take on too many enemies at once it could lead to your character's demise however the more you take out the higher level you can become. Donít worry, you can always make another if one of them falls.

Other Classes to pick (just for ideas):
Cleric (At lvl 10 can upgrade to Dark Sage (with a horse) or Sage (w/out but wider array of magic.))
Archer (Upgrades at lvl 10 to sniper. Further range with bows and higher damage output)
Fighter (Upgrades at lvl 10 to hero. Better strength and higher resistance to magic)
Lord (Upgrades at lvl 10 to Great Lord. Increased strength, and perception.)
Mage (Upgrades to Sage at Lvl 10. Knows more magic and can heal as well.)
Knight (At lvl 10 upgrades to General. Higher defense and resistance.)
Tactician (At lvl 10 upgrades to GrandMaster. Higher intelligence and resistance to magic.)
Thief (At lvl 10 upgrades to Trickster. Increased evasiveness and higher attack. )

If you think of another class PM me it so I can OK it.

Sample Character Sheet:
Name - Roy Alcud
Age - 21
Class (Cleric, Warrior, Mage, Archer, longer list posted at bottom of RP) - Prince/Lord
Appearance (Image or Description) -
http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=...&pq=princ+anim e&sc=2-11&sp=-1&sk=#view=detail&id=7F5943BF129E5721870E49857B0 8B 3EB20159EAE&selectedIndex=0
Character Background - Grown up in a loving world, Roy shows kindness towards all people, even if those people may not be the best in character. He protects his little brother even if it means his demise, and would willingly risk his life for anyone on the team of the Marshall.
Sword - Rebellion
http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=...orm=QBIR&pq=aw esome+sword+prince&sc=0-16&sp=-1&sk=#view=detail&id=131DB24D61559A07FCEC0A2202D F0 ED96B0E485C&selectedIndex=19
Awakening - Awakening The Flames. A stab into the ground that will cause a fire eruption from the earth below, melting and burning all in itís path. When pulled out of the ground, the fire remains around the blade, making it longer and being able to extend or contract to his very will.
Origin - Ouya.