Ga Rei Zero (2008) is a dark, supernatural adventure, based on a manga by Hajime Segawa. Fate and heredity dictate that teenager Kagura Tsuchimiya must become a Vanquisher, a member of an elite core dedicated to fighting supernatural monsters that menace Tokyo. During their training, she and Yomi Isayama adopt each other as sisters, sharing secrets and Pocky Sticks. But Yomi is seduced by a mysterious boy who offers her a "Bane Stone," an enchanted gem that increases her powers but devours her soul. Inevitably, she and Kagura must meet in a duel only one can survive. Although the tone, theme, and characters in Ga Rei Zero recall numerous other anime series, the story is hopelessly muddled and badly told. It's difficult to keep track of the cast, as the filmmakers keep offing characters they've just introduced: Ga Rei Zero has a body count approaching Hellsing's. Kagura, who fusses and whines, even when her life is threatened, is hardly an endearing character, and Yomi looks and sounds like someone from Anime Central Casting. After 12 episodes, the audience has no idea who the evil boy with the Bane Stones is, why he's always surrounded by blue butterflies, or why he's out to cause so much trouble. With no sequel on the horizon, viewers may never find out.