Ok, so it's 3:30 in the morning... I can not sleep, I have no idea why. *Continues drinking his redbull* There is a freakin moaning sound coming from my backyard, ordinarily a person would just excuse the noise as the wind, but the voices in my head are telling me it's a demon... so I have decided to prepare myself for battle. Head on assault, it will never see it coming. Genius huh?

Well I need your help to prepare for this war! I have no weapons ._. and all my kitchen utensils are plastic (The life of a 20 year old living on his own -.-)

What do you think I should use to fight it off? Any creative Ideas ? This is life or death people... all that currently comes to mind is a spatula... if any of you have fought off demons before and have tips on what I can expect ._. that will be highly appreciated. Thank you