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Thread: Searching for the title of this anime movie

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    Default Searching for the title of this anime movie


    I'm searching for a movie about a (blue) crystal necklace containing all life energy or something like that (i think the name of the crystal is something with "tear").
    The main character is a female scientist taking "care" of the necklace, making sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
    The movie starts with the female lead and a military squad searching or aqcuiring info/the crystal? (something of great importance) in a deserted facility when they get ambushed i think by the bad guys.
    The female scientist has some kind of a huge guy with an eyepatch as a protector, and she has a strong relationship (not sexual i think, something like family/as close as family) with this guy. If i remember this correctly, this huge guys has 1 mechanized arm.
    As far as i can remember android/cyborg aspects are certainly in this movie, though im not sure anymore if it featured mecha style robots. it's very futuristic and i distinctly remember the main city to be somekind of a bubble, much glass, protecting it from the outer world.

    I know this is not so much to go on, but if it helps, it was fairly known since i could order it on my digibox (somekind of an equivalent to the tivo in america) I'd say about 5 years ago

    ANYTHING even remotely close to this could be right so please post anything that comes to mind since i might recognize the title

    thanks anyway
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