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Thread: [REQ] Lights and Any More / Raise Up

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    Cool [REQ] Lights and Any More / Raise Up

    Hi, after a long time I'm back with a few requests:

    "Lights and Any More" by TRF [Wangan Midnight OP] (Translation)
    "Raise Up" by m.o.v.e [Initial D 5th Stage OP] (Original lyrics and translation)

    "Blazability" by m.o.v.e [Initial D Arcade Stage 5 OP / Humanizer] (Original lyrics and translation)
    "The Double Ace" by m.o.v.e [Initial D Arcade Stage 6 OP / oveRtaKerS SPIRIT] (Original lyrics and translation)
    "Cross the X" by m.o.v.e [Initial D Arcade Stage 7 OP / Best moves. - and move goes on -] (Original lyrics and translation)
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