The best way to find a otaku near you after many years of searching this is the best way to do it:
1. Go outside.
2. Take a deep breathe
3. Say "Mikumikumikumikumikumikumikumikumikumikumikum iku"
4. Breathe then once again "MikuMikuMikuMikuMikuMikuMikuMikuMiku"
5. Soon enough all the otakus in the area will hear you and will start chanting "Mikumikumikumikumikumikumiku" too.
6. You all march down to town square and party.
Your welcome.
Miku can be replaced with girogirogirogirogirogiro (SGT frog), natsnatsnatsnast(Fairy tail), SasSasSasSas(Naruto), ect ect