Have any of u guys watched this anime. Feel free to state your opinion of the anime here. Also it's still ongoing and id love to talk about each new episode with those who're also watching this anime. If you do talk about the current episode please give a spoiler warning in advance or use a spoiler tag.

Here is my opinion:
At start I wasn't very fond of their character naming sense. I felt it would turn out pretty bad, and well it started of pretty slow. But after episode 6 or so it's gotten so much better. In fact i think i maybe one of better animes of current ongoing serieses (is that a word? lol). The stories gotten pretty interesting. It maybe not be a masterpiece but way they combined different chacraters from different arabic (i think?) stories is really great. Morgiana is pretty awesome. I love seeing her fight with her legs. I cant wait to see her stronger and fight like Masrur.