I'm looking for fans of the Anime adaption of the game Valkyria Chronicles.
I started watching this anime days ago. I'm a fan of the video game so I kinda tested it. I played Valkyria Chronicles 2. But the characters of the anime were from the first game.

I kinda get hooked. Still the same atmosphere as if I was playing the game. Love every scene. Has comedy, romance, drama and suspense.

Kinda sad that a lot of characters died. To be honest, I cried when Isara Gunther and Ramal Valtz died.

Anyway, I must say that Valkyria Chronicles is the second anime I cried to.. Clannad being first.

So, Anyone here who watched the anime? Stand up and say Aye!
( BTW, I also loved the special Theater special and the first opening got me LSS )