Reading up to when I get the book would be interesting. I'd like to see just how much detail of every moment was recorded. Some things I might have forgotten about so it would be very nostalgic to go over them again. Then again, some parts I wouldn't want to be reminded of. I'd definitely would like to know where I misplaced certain things from years ago.

As for would I read to the end, I'd first look at how many pages are left compared to what I've read/lived so far and then make a decision. If I'm only half-way through the book, it shows I got at least 30 more years of stuff left. No need to get neurotic and find out everything so I'll just read maybe the next 5 years... and maybe place a bet or two. If I'm toward the end of the book, it's probably something I can't avoid so I'll read it to be better at peace with it.