Yeah... I always knew this time would come. I cant find any good animes!

I've been searching all over, but can't find any to suit my liking. Here's the ones i've watched so far (and enjoyed):
- The Melancholy of Haruhi Sazumiya [Brilliant]
- K-On! [Very Good]
- Clannad [Brilliant]
- Kanon [Brilliant]
- Angel Beats! [frellING FANTASTIC]
- Karin [Pretty Funny! I like it!]
- Air [Brilliant]

If you know of any animes that are similar to any of these, please reply to this!
Also you may notice that quite a few of my loved animes have something to do with high school. Don't know why, but i like that kind of background. Maybe because i'm in high school now, i don't know.