This is where I will be posting all my pre-made signatures and avatars! Feel free to use any of them for personal use anywhere. You may credit me in your signature, but I'm not making that mandatory. It's just nice if you do - since I spent time making these and searching the net for usable pictures. I use only GIMP software to make my avatars and signatures. I like supporting free-to-use software, freeware, and open-source projects. Anyway, enjoy! Feel free to request avatars or signatures. I'm open to constructive criticism!

Below are all my pre-made avatars. They are sorted by category. If a category is blank, that means I plan on updating with new avatars there later.

Soul Eater Avatars
Will update this later.

Death Note Avatars
Will update this later.

Other Anime Avatars
Will update this later.

Final Fantasy Avatars
Featuring: Kuja.

Below will be all of my pre-made signatures. I'll update here later.