So, yeah. I guess this thread is to try and vent, or get answers, above most things.

So, first off, why do you think there should be a season 3? Me? Honestly, I think the ending was more open than most people think. I mean it never really focused on the relationship of Haruhi and Kyon. It was only near the end that they kind of went into that, and it still felt like there was a lot to build on. More stories and shenanigans for them to get themselves into. It didn't feel like an ending. It was very open ended!

Anyway, that's what i think about the matter. And that's also why it puzzles me when someone says they should just leave Haruhi alone now, spend their money on other projects. I don't see it that way at all. There was SO MUCH MORE LEFT. Seriously... Pisses me off.

Your opinion goes down there \/ \/ \/ \/ Have fun!