I am very late, but it's the 2012 Animelyrics.com Awards!

Because of my lateness, I'll just mention the winners in this post...

It was a disappointing year as there were no significant new faces and potential people like Hinamawari just went away. But still, for each of those who have contributed to the site for the past year I would like to say a big thank you.

Just a small note before we proceed, we have ended the year with @animeyay surpassing my lyrics count to reach 1000 lyrics. (I'm still at 999 at time of writing this). Congrats, you were 5 times faster than me in getting there.

Bronze Award goes to @ArcCosine for their contributions to Vocaloid lyrics for the past year.

Silver Award goes to @Malheureux for finally passing Lv.2 on top of tireless taking romaji requests, please keep up with your newfound translating powers and never hesitate to ask us if you want your work checked. Just from passing this you are now a peer too so you can chip in with your comments on LD!

Gold Award and Translator of the Year goes to @mewpudding101 for her amazing contributions to many series such as [email protected] I would like to give the fairest appreciation to your work as of now and this would be the right way. I hope that you will also engage in our community more as your input could be crucial to us. Congratulations!