So, I wasn't really sure where to post this so I decided to do it here so I wouldn't take up any time from people who weren't too interested.

I'm not sure how many of you are into AMV's but I love them. So much so that I've been building an AMV website. I figure that there aren't really many out there so I've created AMV Everything!, a site dedicated to ALL things AMV.

It's still in it's beginning stages. In fact, we just went live this week.
Anyway, getting to the point ...... We need more traffic. We're trying to build up the community. We're offering @amveverything email addresses and '' subdomains. We're also looking for people to help create content such as AMV tutorials and site/forum moderators.

Again, I'm not sure how many of you are interested, but I thought I'd see if there was anyone who wanted to take a look.

Sorry for the long post. I didn't want to just come in here and look like I was spamming the link and just generally being annoying about it.